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A Little Bit About Myself

Hi all!

As my first post I thought it would be best to share a little bit about myself and to explain why I decided to start a blog.

My name is Eleonore, I am 20 and I study Italian in England. I am French and British and have lived a majority of my life in France. Many wonder why I decided to go to England to study Italian, but it is simply because I wanted to live there to discover my other culture.

I love travelling, and learning about new cultures, which is what led me to study languages as a degree. I find it amazing to discover and experience new things that are different from my lifestyle.

My blog won't have a specific theme; I want it to be a lifestyle blog, where I'll share personal experiences which have made me into the person I am today. That could therefore inculde veganism, travelling, mental health, or events I faced growing up. There also won't be a particular frequency to my posts, it'll depend on the time I have and on my inspiration!

Hope you'll stick around for my next post!


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