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Dear Vegans-to-be

Adopting a vegan lifestyle can be difficult, at least it was for me. If you ask us if in our life we’d ever think about going vegan, I can assure you that a majority would answer no. I would answer no. Veganism is often seen as this unrealistic movement, with hopes and dreams that are so far from reality; but when you take a closer look, it makes complete sense. Some might still view it as being extreme, but what’s wrong with being extremely compassionate? We aren’t used to people having convictions, and actually following them. I mean, everyone loves animals, right? Everyone is against animal cruelty, but so few actually act on it. And if you become vegan, you’ll probably be criticised for it; trust me, though, it’s all completely worth it. I can honestly say that going vegan is the best thing I’ve ever done. It makes me proud and it agrees with my ethics; there’s nothing better than living up to your own morals.
I know many people think that once you go vegan, you have to stop eatin…
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What Not to Say to Bisexuals

As part of Pride Month I wanted to share some thoughts about bisexuality, and more specifically statements and questions that I’ve heard or that have been said to me. You might recognise yourself in some of these sayings, because you’ve thought or asked them. It is not an attack on you, or some hate letter because you might’ve said them; this is simply to educate and hopefully make you understand that sometimes your statements or curiosities can be hurtful/invalidating.  This is entirely personal and how I feel about them, I am in no way talking for the community as a whole. I just want to spread some light on some things that you could avoid saying: “Are you more straight or gay?” - Well there is an easy answer to this one: we are neither of those things. What people really want to know, is if we prefer men or women. Whilst some have a clear preference, others don’t, and that’s totally fine. What matters most in the end is the person itself, rather than their gender. So, if you ever as…

I am a Feminist

Before some of you start rolling your eyes, you should actually understand what feminism is about. Too many people repeat what others say about it, without actually trying to have a conversation on the matter. Feminism is about equality. It isn’t about the superiority of women, or revenge on men, it is about equality, entirely. I’m sure you’re dying to mention this feminist girl you know, or heard of, who is full of anger towards men and wants to dominate them, but that isn’t feminism. Actual feminists do not agree with that. I often get called extreme because of my opinions, but what’s extreme about wanting equality?
I started experiencing sexism at a young age: in my primary school, girls weren’t allowed to play football simply because boys automatically thought that we weren’t any good and that we would bring the team down. If we were determined to play, we had to pay the captain of the team with snacks. This was a process that only lasted until my teacher heard about it and it was…

I Like Boys...and Girls

I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for quite a while now, but without ever being sure of the approach I wanted to take. As the title suggests, I’ll be writing about the fact that I am bisexual. It wasn’t an easy journey, nor a romantic one that can be seen in films – where one takes a glance at a beautiful girl and they instantly fall in love and are able to discover their sexuality together, or with one helping the other. It was an emotional journey full of confusion, doubt and shame. I’m not sure whether or not I can say I’ve truly found and understood myself now, but at least I’ve accepted myself – which is more than I could’ve wished for a couple years back.

Wanting a Vegan Partner

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything about veganism on here, and I want to address a question that I often get asked by my friends. Do I want my future partner to be vegan?
It’s a simple question, with a simple answer: yes. And to me it makes perfect sense why. But my answer always confuses the other person and leaves them quite puzzled. When I reply that I wouldn’t want to be with anyone long-term who isn’t vegan, they think I’m this horrible girlfriend who will dictate my partner’s life. I would never want to forcefully make my partner vegan, there’s nothing nice or beautiful about it! In the long-run it wouldn’t work anyways. And it’s just not me, I want my partner to be vegan by choice. I am more than happy to play an important role in their transition, but of course they need to want to make the change.

Life Update - Erasmus

I really haven’t taken any time for blogging lately, and quite frankly I miss it. I really enjoy writing and sharing things with you, so I felt like something was missing this past month. I moved to Bologna in Italy for my Erasmus, so big changes have been going on and I’ve had to accommodate. Bologna is such an extraordinary city; it’s extremely beautiful, the weather is amazing and the people are wonderful. I am really happy that I chose this city, I feel like I belong here and it truly suits me. For the first couple of weeks I found it difficult to make friends; I felt so detached from everyone, I couldn’t seem to meet people similar to me, or with whom I clicked. Anxiety made me feel quite overwhelmed on several occasions but I’ve managed to power through and eventually meet a lovely group of international people. That’s what I love the most about the Erasmus experience: we come from different countries, but we’re all together in this same city for similar purposes.

The Liebster Award

Something I love about the blogging community is being able to discover new blogs about any topic and finding like-minded writers. The people I’ve come across have all been very supportive, and it’s especially helpful when you’re a still a newbie! I want to thank Anjo for nominating me for the Liebster award, you can find her helpful and colourful blog over HERE. It covers topics from travelling to food, with motivational posts as well. 
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